Donati Holding controls three companies in an industrial group with a strong tradition which for fifty years has been making innovation and high quality its drivers of growth.

Alongside its original aluminium die-casting manufacturing business, the Group has added components for office furniture and lighting technology. This diversification was accompanied by the development of design and technical advisory know-how.

The holding company, which is still managed by the family that founded it, has 100% stakes in the Group's three companies. The financial solidity and continuity support a committed investment in human capital and research, two important pillars of growth.

The Group's choices are guided by a long-term focus and a sense of responsibility. Care for environmental and social implications is an absolute priority in the management of all manufacturing processes.

Metalpres Donati
Metalpres Donati offers a complete service in the field of aluminium die-casting, directly managing the design, construction and maintenance of its moulds.

Its clients include leading names in the international automotive industry — which represents the most substantial segment — and other sectors like furniture, industrial machinery and advanced technological systems.

Metalpres Donati has created durable, long-term partnerships with these companies, on the back of the high quality and reliability of its products and processes. Through its extremely precise logistical management, it is able to guarantee a timely service for all clients, wherever they are based.

The perfection of Metalpres Donati's solutions and results derives from its "zero waste" philosophy. This meticulous approach, which manifests itself through the efficiency of its practices, makes the difference in financial and economic terms and is especially important for the sustainability of manufacturing processes, for the Company as well as its clients.

Donati is an internationally renowned excellence in the sector of components for office chairs.

It directly executes all phases in the process, from design through to the finished product. The offer comprises bases, frames, adjustment and movement systems, through to the possible full project.

By directly controlling the whole design and production cycle, Donati has honed a distinctive know-how that continues to grow. Thanks to significant investments in R&D, the Company is constantly developing innovative solutions.

Donati produces many of the finest chairs on the market, entirely or in part. Donati is a key ingredient in the success of leading design and office furniture brands throughout the world.

Donati carefully assesses all social and environmental consequences from its business and operates in strict compliance with labour and product certification regulations.
It is guided by a broad and comprehensive idea of quality, which it puts into practice on a daily basis through its work.

Platek produces architectural lighting solutions for external spaces and street furniture.

It ensures a complete service for public and private clients. Its qualified lighting technology consultancy supports interventions that are carefully tailored to requirements.

Every Platek project combines high performance with an extremely well-balanced aesthetic result. An industrial professionalism and painstaking artisan-like attention to detail are the basis for products that are resistant to the elements and the passing of time.

Platek is a key partner for architects and contractors working on residential areas, public green areas, walkways and paths, historic or modern urban spaces, as well as private and commercial external areas.

It provides their design capabilities with an extensive catalogue of instruments for creating unique environments and ambiences, by using light to alter the appearance of objects and spaces.

It directly controls the entire supply chain: from design, production engineering and prototyping to the verification of the degree of protection and resistance, through to commercialisation processes in Italy and abroad.